Spam Gets More Pathetic Every Day

I just got this email:

In a fit of irony I decided to go and see what the site was… pron, penis enlargement, or something that will bombard me with ActiveX controls trying desparately to install themselves into Opera on Redha Linux. Sadly, the website is pointed at, so it did nothing. Oh well. I can only hope that normal users out there realize that any email with more than 50% CAPITAL LETTERS IS SPAM. I can hope can’t I?

I wish bogofilter would have picked it up. Only a spamicity rating of 1.16…. I’ll have to train it some more 🙁

One Comment on “Spam Gets More Pathetic Every Day”

  1. well, just had to check this one.
    from whois;
    Microsoft Corp (WINDOWSUPDATE-DOM)
    1 Microsoft Way
    Redmond, WA 98052
    hmmm… CNAME
    whois for;
    Digital Island, Inc
    wierd, so a MS domain points to digital island?
    digital islands site is and that
    did not return anything via http.
    totally wierd, but wierder is the web page at
    One of the first lines is ;
    “Note You must be running a validly licensed Windows operating system to access the Windows Update Web site.”
    what a bunch of asshats!