The Media Lying About the Rescue of Jessica Lynch?

Say it ain’t so! Rori has a good enrty over at onegirlslife about how the heroic rescue of private Jessica Lynch may be a wee bit distorted. Links to UK and Canadian stories tell how her injuries didn’t include any stab or gunshot wounds, and how the Iraqi doctor tried to take her back to the American forces only to have his ambulance shot at. Oh, and the US forces bursting in like Hollywood movie (complete with camera crew) even after they were told there was no resistance (and trashing some specialized medical equipment as well) would seem par for the course.


I love the media. I’m sure this won’t stop at least a made for tv movie though, if not a full production, just like Black Hawk Down.

One Comment on “The Media Lying About the Rescue of Jessica Lynch?”

  1. Hmmm… you seem to regard misinformation as the truth and truth as misinformation.
    Certainly some of the stories about Lynch’s injuries may be incorrect. We don’t yet know for sure. I think somebody (possibly media sources) tried to make her out to be a heroine in order to push the feminist cause of women in combat.
    I have yet to see a credible account of an Iraqi doctor trying to take her back.
    As far as the US Forces bursting in… that happened because they did not know whether or not the hospital was surrounded and occupied by hostile forces. It certainly had been shortly before. The perimeter guard of that unit did come under fire from hostile elements, so if the bad guys weren’t at the hospital in that minute, they certainly were within a few hundred yards! A friend of my daughter’s was wounded in the “distraction” attack in the city at the time of the rescue.
    As far as having a camera along… US forces have camera crews that go with them in many cases. It is for historical purposes, for intelligence gathering, and for post-operational evaluation. They have been doing this for a long time – a lot of the World War II footage was taken by combat photographers. My brother was combat photographer in the US Army 30 years ago.
    So don’t believe everything the Guardian (UK) and Canadian papers say about this stuff. They have their own axes to grind.