Stupid Descriptions

Who the hell writes these things up. I hit the Futureshop website and see they are having a sale, and look through things. In there is a not horrible deal on a 120 G drive ($169 after a $90 rebate). In the description of the drive I see this:

… Store 1800 high resolution digital pictures, four hours of digital music, 18 games and 30 software programs on this massive 120GB drive.

What? Only 18 games will fit? What size of games? And those 1800 high res photos better be pretty high res… 6.67Gig per photo to be exact! I understand that they are trying to get across that you can store a lot of stuff on the drive, but really, the above description could have been for any of the hard drives they list. The 80, 60 and 40G versions get this description:

… ideal for storing Internet downloads, music and video files.

Wow, not nearly as good, though it does basically say “use these big phat drives for storing warez, illegal music, and massive collections of pirated movies.

One Comment on “Stupid Descriptions”

  1. me thinks you interpreted the Ad wrong.
    read it this way;
    Store 1800 high resolution digital pictures AND four hours of digital music AND 18 games AND 30 software programs on this massive 120GB drive.
    But what they won’t tell you is that you can only access 33GB of the drive HA HA HA ha.. fuk. 🙁