Tech Toys and Things That Would Make My Life Complete

A random list of things that I need want to get myself eventually, given unlimited money and no nagging guilt about not contributing to RRSPs or putting money on my car payments. Take note anyone wishing to buy me gifts.

  • An iPod, preferably the 15 or 30G model, for use mostly at the gym or anytime I’m in need of music and not in my car. Too bad they’re so damn expensive.
  • A powerbook, to let me work on the road, have the sexiness of OS/X and the power of unix. Using it as a portable DIVX player (svideo out) would be neat too.
  • A new set of tires for the car.
  • A computer upgrade for my desktop. I can either be realistic (XP2000-ish with a half a gig or a gig of fast DDR ram), or wishful (dual p4, scsi, etc).
  • Digital Camera
  • Computer upgrades for the rest of the computers here
  • New TV
  • Dual LCD monitors
  • Full wireless (802.11g) setup
  • High quality reciever and surround sound system to go with above mentioned TV

I understand that owning these things will not make me a better person, or make me feel better, nor chase any internal demons I have out, at least in the long term. But hey, it’s only money right?