iPod Lust

Wandered into town today to put some paychecks in the bank only to find out that the bank was closed today and monday (but not sunday) due to the long weekend. I stopped by London Drugs to wander through their computer section and stroke the sexy machines and random salesdude asked if there was anything he could help me with. Instead of the usual “Nope” I asked if they had any iPods in. Not only did the have one in (which boggles the mind) but they had one of the new ones in (the 10Gig model), and he opened up the shrink wrap for me to look at it.

Oh. My. God.

It is probably the sexiest piece of hardware I’ve seen in ages, and absolutely tiny. Smaller I’d guess than a pack of smokes, and far thinner. Probably the depth of two CDs and the size of a credit card. Seriously. It seems a lot of the blogs I read not only have iPods already but have multiple iPods, so they would no doubt laugh at this, but I was blown away. The original (they had a refurb’d original there that was $50 cheaper than the new version) was a big deeper and felt a big heavier, but that was about it (well, physically anyway).

I’ve now added it onto my mental list of “stuff I must have someday” and honestly came very close to simply buying it right then and there. It seems the 15Gig model comes with some of the extras, like the dock, belt clip, and remote. Hm…. ok, that’s not all that much, unless of course you want to sync it to a PC or mac that is without firewire.

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