2 Comments on “You Learn Something New Everyday”

  1. I’ve never met him (that my spagetti brain remembers anyways), but already I like this guy! He’s jaded, pissed off by stupid people who have no clue, and I think a good candidate to take a sniper rifle to the tower the next time someone asks a brainless question. It’s interesting how all sysadmins I know become the above person. Well that’s not exactly true, only the smart sysadmins become this. I’ve met a few SA’s that would require ‘chmod g+r’ because “all those numbers are confusing”.
    Also, very much like another person I know, he talks in code ($oldboss) that makes it almost a requirement that I know all about this guys life to understand all this $talk. So fill me in. Is $oldjob UF? Who is $oldboss and what is $newjob?
    So many questions and too many $’s