Acceptable Dress Code

The Liberty University Female Dress Code amuses me. Lets make sure that women aren’t allowed to show anyone they are women. The issue of modesty page is good too. Apparently you can dress any way you want unless you’re claiming to be godly. I wonder if the degree of modesty from biblical times is the same as it is now. I’m pretty sure you’d be stoned in the ancient days for showing your <gasp> ankles.

The part where they say that you are responsible for any unwanted attention that is put upon you by others is good too:

“Well, it’s not my fault if they can’t keep their eyes off of me and on the Lord. They just aren’t spiritual enough. Why should I have to change just because they are weak?”

But the Lord showed me that it was my fault. I was responsible for causing my brother to stumble and it had to change.

Isn’t this used in rape defense cases? (“if she hadn’t been wearing that skirt I wouldn’t have raped her your honor”).

Of course, I have no evidence that this place is actually real and their over the top-ness isn’t like the Land over Baptists (a parody site). To each their own I guess. Thanks for a good link fark.

Update: The same page for men. No mannequins though. Double standard perhaps? The fark comments sum up a lot of my thoughts about the whole thing.

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