Another for the Idiot Pile and Late Night Thoughts

Today I found another person to add to the growing pile of confirmed idiots I’ve seen out in the wild. This guy sat for several minutes waiting for a parking spot at the front of the gym. The spot in question had someone in it sitting in it with the car going but they were talking on the phone or writing the next great Canadian novel or something, and not going anywhere soon. This guy, obviously going to the gym, sat in his nice big SUV half blocking the entrance waiting… waiting…. waiting…. for the spot to come open.

I on the other hand, drove around him, travelled the extra 50 feet, and parked in the copious available space in the secondary parking lot that, while not immediately outside the front door, isn’t really all that far away. When I walked to the front door the guy was still there. Waiting “several minutes” (or even one or two) might not seem like a long time but sit still and time it out, it’s longer than you think. Especially when you think of the time to drive the extra few meters and park on the side of the building.

Now I wouldn’t have even noticed this in a different situation. Hell, I’ve waited for peoples spots before. If it had been pouring down rain (there was a bit of drizzle), if it had been at a busy mall, if he had 7 kids, or maybe the last day of christmas shopping, I wouldn’t care. The fact that he was at the gym was kinda strange though. I thought that pretty much any physical activity was good for you, even just the act of walking around to the front of the building from a less than optimal parking spot wasn’t going to do you any harm (not that you’re going to get a bodybuilder body from it mind you). Oh well.

Allergies are kinda bugging me tonight when I lay down to try to sleep so I decided to get some coding done. A few more minor changes (grrrr) for a project that should be long done by now (and an email saying any other changes not related to the whole thing breaking completely would be billed, what I should have done three “just a couple of tiny things” emails ago) and a cleaning out of email. I’ve been getting a bunch of spam bounce messages, apparently my email address has been sending out spam to people at AOL (gotta love the way SMTP works eh?). I’m not sure if they are real bounces (some are, some are dubious), but the fact they are half legit (the postmaster text and headers) and half aren’t (copy of spam that was bounced) means they are getting through my bogofilter spam filter, which sucks. I should probably filter bounce messages off to a separate mailbox somewhere anyway though.

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