Engel’s got a Home

Looks like Engel got a nifty-keen weblog up called daggurl. I have no idea what “daggurl” means, but it’s cool to see another friend in the weblog world, so I can keep an eye on him. wave

3 Comments on “Engel’s got a Home”

  1. I seem to remember. You know how some say “that a boy” as a good job comment? Then some shorten it to “dat a boy”. Well eventually when applying it to a female one can get “daggurl”. Or maybe I have my stories crossed. Engel care to speak?

  2. The Official ‘Splain’in
    My pet name for del is “daggit”. his pet name for me is “da gurl” and our little url of course would be “daggurl” get it!
    Yeah, we thought it was pithy too 🙂