Soccer and Rain

Yay! Finally a bit of rain to put the smack down on that damn pollen that’s been killing me lately. It spat a bit over night, and then some more on the way into work. Hopefully things will be cool for the LAN party next weekend.

Played soccer again last night. There were less people, and we played a shorter field, so it was better I thought, with less running from end to end and more passing and playing. My calves were killing me early on though, not sure why, but I was not doing my best, though I did help in some good plays. Wish I hadn’t gone into the field of long grass to get the ball though, but when you’re closest, waddyado?

Came home to a fantastic turkey ceaser salad and bread, which really hit the spot. Watched a bit of Mummy Returns and then played some RTCW: Enemy Territory with Silverstr. Man that game is different when you have a clue what is going on, and how to do the cool stuff with each class of person. I set up a server and he tutored me a bit, along with killing me gleefully. We then jumped into a real game online, where I went back to my standard tactic of running around and getting killed, due to my total unfamiliarity with the map or what I was supposed to do. Practice practice I guess.

Felt ok this morning, but I don’t think I’m going to be breaking any speed records at the gym this evening. I gotta email my cousin who is like, a major soccer hero and ask how she trains for soccer and doesn’t die, other than being young and having like 0% body fat and lots of energy that is. Might be time to start doing windsprints or something.

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