Mac Zelotry at it’s Finest

(Or, “how I managed to piss of Mac readers of this journal”). On a whim I took a look at this article over at MacSlash, an Apple/Mac news site. The story is about another story on about how Linux’s popularity may hurt Apple more than Microsoft (something I have no opinion or education on, I didn’t even bother to read the article). I loved the comments being flung around though, looking so much like that of someone threatened and immediately shouting “yea, well you suck more!” or some such inane response.

Here are some of the gems from in there:

i love it when people bash apple. It was very warranted 3 years ago. But the people that do it now are just ignorant. Apple has a hell of a piece of software on their hands now. And Windows users that call themselves power users are just such a joke. There is nothing “power” about the use of windows. Its a locked down, do what they want, operating system.

The first couple of sentances are mostly correct, but to say that the only real power users are mac users just makes you look like an idiot. I’m no windows lover by any means, but I do understand the concept of “use the tool right for the job”.

When did Linux become a ‘better’ server platform than all these Unix based systems? Hope he enjoys his Wal-Mart computing experience. Wonder if he’s going to pick it up in his Yugo?

This must be one of the 18 mac users (all artists and teachers) that I’ve heard about. I bet he drives a VW. See, overgeneralizations can be fun!

The day I see my next door neighboor using Linux, is the day I throw my Dual 867 out the window. Linux might be cheat, but it’s only for uber nerds. It has even less software support than Apple does (when it comes to apps that actually do something productive), and is so much harder to use, with no call-in tech support, that the people, who’s salaries (proportional to their mental skills) prevent them from buying a Mac, simply will be to fscking stupid to use it!

What exactly is an “uber” nerd? I guess running websites, search engines, and e-commerce sites isn’t “productive”. I’m not sure about the last sentence, but I think he’s calling anyone who can afford a mac but doesn’t buy it dumb, but I’m not sure. Of course, I didn’t think that those freakish uber nerds needed tech support…

I now way more people that are moving from linux to OSX. Hell at the rate it’s going there won’t be anybody left on linux. And by the way BSD so totally kicks linux ass in the server market it’s not even funny…

Depending on if this guy misspelled “I” or “now” the first sentance takes on a totally different meaning. I don’t see the linux camp dissapearing anytime soon.

yeah, sure, I’ll trust something from MSN that tries to put Apple down. Linux is just not as usable as a desktop. And for the record, even the idiots at Consumer reports said that the wal-mart linux box was a waste of bits.

Saying that consumer reports are idiots, and then agreeing with what they say makes sense only when they say something that supports your views I guess.

[link] [long description in which he compares updating sendmail/ssh in mac and linux and describes how he used the apple update tool to update his mac, but downloaded, patched and compiled from source in linux.]

You do realize that similar tools available in every major distro out there to do just what you did on your mac on linux right? Of course, you can also download and compile from scratch on a mac as well, but we’ll just ignore that for now.

Personally I like macs, and the mac owners I know are sane and normal people. I think that OS/X is a sexy, lickable OS that I’d love to work on if it had a few tweaks here and there. I think there are different tools suited to different jobs. I know that places that are derivatives of slashdot are not places to find informed opinions or reasonable arguments. I know they are all trolls. I also know that these Mac Zelots are funny. Linux zelots are funny too, as are windows, vim, emacs, christian, arabic, flat earth, AIX and BSD zelots.

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