Taking Pictures and Allergies

Well, so much for my “I’m feeling better, I bet my allergies are gone now” theory. Wandered around a bit at lunch with my camera to play around with the zoom lense (with built in macro mode, whoho!) and basically get back into the mood of taking pictures. It was great. I saw dragonflies looking for love, ducks scared from their swimming to go racing across the small body of water in the woodsy area I was in, and saw and heard more birds than in ages going “tweet tweet tweet” (translated roughly to “naked monkey approaching! stop playing poker and pretend to be birds again!”). Almost finished the film, hopefully I can find something worthy on the way home tonight so I can take it in for processing ASAP. Sadly, the trip through the long grass and woodsy type things left me with an itchy throat and a sniffy nose at the end. Oh well, time to shoot some more anti allergy meds tonight.

2 Comments on “Taking Pictures and Allergies”

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