Party it up Olympic Style in Vancouver

Well, we (Vancouver) won the olympic bid and most people are pretty excited. There is a big party tomorrow at the Plaza of Nations from 12 to 2 that I want to go to. Threw a quick email to the folks nearby to hope to get a group together for an outing. I had zero desire to try to be the wrangler to organize things, so I guess we’ll see if anyone is interested before I worry about trying to figure out carpools and the like. I figure that we can worry about carpooling up to the skytrain or whatever, and then just say to everyone who does want to come “meet at place X at time Y” and you can get there however you want.

Hopefully a few folks will come out, maybe even have some of the other vancouver and local people that I know through weblogs (ie: MJ, Sam, the guys from vancouverwebloggers, etc) will be there and a little unofficial weblogger meet up can be arranged/spontainiously occur.