Software Copying

I’m not sure if this is scary, funny, or a surreal mixture of the two. I know I will never, ever, ever “copy that floppy” again. Found in a thread on shacknews.

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    I took one for the team and watched “The Star Wars Christmas Special” (aka, “A very Wookie Christmas”). I did this so that others would not have to. I sacrificed my sanity for you, the reader. Chirst coplex? No, I’m just really stupid sometimes.
    And now I have watched the whole “Don’t Copy That Floppy” video for you. Please, please, please don’t watch it. I have seen so that you may live. Yes, you can guess all of the arguments presented simply by reading the title. Yes, Virginia, it really was that bad.
    Honestly, it makes me want to share (not pirate) more games. Just to piss off the assholes that commissioned this video. They even admit that it is impossible to stop copying technologically, so why make a business model that depends on people not being able to copy? Doesn’t make sense, it makes them look like hopeless idiots.
    OK, I have to stop writing now because my eyes are starting to bleed again. It doesn’t help that I was trying to poke them out so that I would never see that video again.

  2. I first came across this painfull production in College, where our instructor forced an entire class to watch it from begining to end. We were then reminded of this for the next few classes as the same instructor would snap his fingers and sing a line or two from it.
    We thought about drugging his coffee, or better yet, OURS. We were fortunate to find that he eventualy dropped the jingle, only to hum some other anoying tune. I really think some purple microdot would have surficed.

  3. Hmm… According to the Copyright info at the end, the production was made in 1992. In other words, eight months before every computer software publisher switched to CDs as the storage medium of choice.