Please die John Walsh

UPDATE Jan 29th 2004: To all the people out there to don’t get that this is a random rant and bitch session, this is not an attack on John Walsh, a call to kill anyone, or anything like that. Take this for what you paid for it, and read it with your brain engaged, and realize I’m not a psycho. Thanks for not being an idiot.

The only thing that inspired me today while doing my run at the gym (back up to my full 45 min! yay!) was hoping that someone would kill off The John Walsh Show. You’ve seen this guy, he used to be on Americas most wanted or something and decided that “helping people” was more important. This guy is an annoying bastard. From what I have seen (the 33 minutes or so I watched today was the longest I’ve watched of his show, ever, but I have seen bits and pieces here and there) every show is the same.

Bring in a person or group of people that are in trouble, were in trouble, are in jail, death row, or whatever. Speak to them in low tones and ask leading questions, getting them to renounce their evil and say how wrong they were and how sorry they are. Then bring in their parents or relatives and get them to give “their side”… how painful it was, how sad they are, how ashamed/scared/embarassed they are. Make sure there are tears. I believe the acting people on this show as much as I do those on Springer, or any of the other shit talk shows on TV these days (are there good ones? I don’t think so). I’m pretty sure that when they are briefed on how to act before the show, instead of Springer telling them to show their tits and fight randomly with people while acting like white trailer trash, Johnny boy tells them to make sure there are tears, and to never raise their voices or say what’s really on their mind, if it’s anything that wouldn’t bring tears from the members of their family or the audience.

For example, today was a typical “troubled teen” show. One little bastard was on there for beating up his mom. Excuse me, what the fuck? How dare you lay a hand on your own mother? How the hell are these kids being raised?? We were told that this was “not genetic” and that the kid was not hit by his parents. Anyway, Walsh askes the little punk (not an exact quote, but close as I can remember) “if someone was raping your mother, what would you do?” the kid replies “I’d try to fight them off.”

What the hell is he supposed to say?

Sure, the kid fights with his mom, but when asked a question like that would any sane fucking human being answer anything but like he did? Not if they are truely human.

Anyway, later on in the show John brings this back up by twisting things around a bit and saying “[punk ass kid] said that he’d stop anyone from ever hurting you, you can see that he really loves you… ” This is followed by more dialog guarenteed to bring mist to they eyes of the target audience, which would be middle aged housewives and/or stay at home moms by my guess.

The rest of the show was like that. Prompt kids to go over and give their mom a hug (being basically forced to hug your mom on national TV does not make it a real hug), more dialog to mist up the eyes, then bring in a phychologist of some sort (though I’m sure he had a book to sell) to tell everyone that communication was important and there was lots to work on. Gosh, your son hits you or your kid is a boozed up crackhead selling herself on the street, and there’s work to be done? Quick, get them to hug so everyone will feel like all the hard work is done by the end of the hour!

Note that this isn’t the phychologist that they use on Maury that recommends sending your kid off to some boot camp (some of which sound absolutely horrible places to send anyone).

TV sucks. Except for movies that are randomly on, there’s pretty much no good reason to turn it on, even for the Lingerie Bowl.

In short, I hate you John Walsh and hope that you and your method of making “tv” goes away. Please don’t ever invade my screen again.

This has been a paid advertisement by the please go away john walsh confederation.

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  1. hey you leave John Walsh alone hes a good guy and I happen to be a fan of him and his work and I think your full of Shit for saying all this about him what do you care what he does he helps people because he does’nt want them to go through what he went through losing a child to murder what if you have kids and one of them is Brutely Fucking Murdered like his son what would you do you Insensitive Prick think about what your saying John Walsh is everyones Favorite Hero in United States and I would say Canada as well since I’m from Canada.So what are you Bitching about you Don’t know Jackshit there should more people like John Walsh in this world so like I said I disagreee with you and your talking Bullshit I bet most people would agree with me because I’m right everyone in The States and Canada love John Walsh and you can take a Fucking hike take all your Fucking comments and shove it up your Fucking Ass.Idiot

  2. My comment to you is, your an asshole and maybe you should go crawl in a hole an die yourself. This guy has done so much to protect children and get criminals off the street. Were not talking about small time criminals, were talking about killers, child molestors and rapists. I have personally work with him and you have no idea what your fucking talking about. People like him stick there neck out for pussy’s like you everyday and it’s sickening.


  4. when did you work for John Walsh P.B. because I hope your not bad mouthing me you know without Americas most wanted most of those Asshole Killers Rapists Robbers child Molesters etc.would be out there terrorising anybody luckly more then 700 of them are captured thanks to the show

  5. OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!! I can’t believe some asshole had the fucking nerve to say Fuck John Walsh! FUCK YOU, SHIT HEAD!!!!!! MY GOD, Have you no shame. He may have made some profit from all this, but cmon! HIS KID WAS FUCKING KILLED! I don’t think he can go a day in his life without the misery! And what he has done for this country, to protect it’s people, and also shitheads like you, from being harmed, and putting badguys where they belong! So, in respect for this man, I say this, GO TO HELL, Arcterex!

  6. thanks Jake at least somebody on this post has some commen sense I mean Shit who the fuck does this Arcetrex Shmuck think he is right I mean people should have there highest respects for John Walsh he has every right to keep Pricks like Arcetrex off the fucking streets

  7. There is no need for you to watch the John Walsh program if it upsets you as it does. I was a child who someone thought they should abduct 35 years ago. I was one of the lucky one”s only having my leg broken in three places and managing to escape. If someone, anyone, is trying to make things better in this world,even if we don’t like their method, let’s give them credit where credit is due. Your friend.Julie

  8. hey Arcetrex how did you come up with stupid sight I mean whos fucking stupid enough to say fuck John Walsh after after what hes done for people

  9. I Think John Walsh is cool. His show at least deal’s with real issues instead of Ricki Lake, Jenny Jones or Oprah. Other talk shows don’t have the balls to talk about these types of issues that John Walsh talks about.

  10. I’m guessing the guy who hates John Walsh is some kind of child molester or a defense attorney defending the “rights” of sex offenders. I love John Walsh’s show, because he brings out the facts that break the prevarications perpetuated by pedophiles and other perpetrators to perpetuate their penis-crimes. His show is not shallow sound-bite journalism-turned-entertainment schmuckymuck crap. What other show brings out how badly some people get mangled by these crimes, which our government prefers to ignore many times. Obviously the person who started this stream of messages is a person with a lot of problems, and who doesn’t care much about other people or the children who are abducted, raped and murdered. Perhaps that person is upset that a group of people has collected to fight against the liberal treatment of people who should be in prison for life. I have a tv show on child sexual abuse and you can watch it at 4 a.m. MST at “The Burning Cradle” has won four multi-state finalist designations in a regional public access competition. We interview experts from the Kempe center,, and senators and others. It is not a Jerry Springer type show. Check it out!

  11. Don’t ever come into Western New York during hunting season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Your mother was a whore, yor father a pimp!!!!!!!

  12. Hey Mr. IWISHWALSHDEAD: OK, so you found out people don’t always agree with your deathwishes when you ridicule highly accomplished victims who fight back and save real lives. I watched the one about the girls being kidnapped and forced into prostitution. Our second show featured Laura Barnitz of Youth Advocate Program International ( speaking on commercial sexual exploitation of children — something you don’t care much about, I gather. I consider prostitution to be human slavery. I personally have known three prostitutes and had the opportunity to discuss in depth with them why they continued in the profession. One came back later to tell me thanks, she got out. Another, I believe, is still in slavery. My first program featured Dr. James Chu, Harvard Medical School assoc. prof. and researcher on “20 Years Studying Trauma and Dissociation” in adult victims of child sexual abuse, again, no one you would care about, but perhaps you can ridicule me again. You told me you had been bullied in school and you mentioned an attraction to violence? Was that you? You ridicule me because I sent the message more than once, but I have not yet ridiculed you for your absolutely idiotic spelling. Got spell-check? You ridiculed me for being (1) a housewife, (2) a victim of child sexual abuse, (3) a sympathizer with victims, (4) an admirer of a man who has been recognized by a host of notables, (5) identifying that you have personality qualities that are similar to the personality profiles of convicted sex offenders, a topic I happen to study and report on in my award-winning public access television show at Those qualities including, but not limited to, your ridicule of victims and lack of empathy for them, (2) ridicule of a substantial group of women, (3) your offensive attempt to make humor out of the horrible murder and mutilation of a six year old child. How about if you simply recognize that your attempts at humor are not funny to a lot of people. They are libelous and very offensive. As I spent 15 years as a newspaper reporter, and have studied media law at a notable university, I believe I have practical knowledge of this subject. You are a vile base excuse for a “human” being. Go away.

  13. I hope that anyone who wishes John Walsh be killed or die, gets either kidnapped and brutaly murdered or raped like the bitches they are.

  14. ummmm well exscuse me ok im 13 and i think you should just shut the fuck up ok ur the fat bastard ok! You are just jelous that ur not as famous as him and that everybody loves him and not you ok !

  15. And also your a fucking moron to be talking about thee most greatest man on earth. Im not even american im Canadian and im still protecting him and who ever hates you for what you just said probably hopes you die!

  16. Mr Admir,
    I believe that if you take a step back and speak more maturely regarding your point I may feel more propeled to understand your point of view. Please respond in a more dignafied manner and I wiil possibly support you.

  17. Hi Jennifer I just wanted to respond to your comment and I really thought about it and you are right I think about it it was pretty silly for me to say all that but I was just pretty pissed off about this Arcetrex writing all that crap about killing off John Walsh and these other people we’re pretty upset about it too and you we’re right I should really step back like you said and speak more civilised so thank you for pointing that out

  18. Just because someone killed your kid, doesn’t mean you aren’t a total asshole.

  19. Walsh owes a big whoppin’ ‘thank you’ to his son’s killer… without whom he wouldn’t be able to charge his $25K appearance fees.

  20. So, here’s how Walsh’s life went. He was managing a hotel or some stupid shit like that (y’know, basically a dead end job) until he went to Sears one day and was apparently too fucking incompotent to keep an eye on his son, Adam. Adam got snatched by some fucking nutbar and killed. Later, they found Adam’s head in a canal, but never found his body.
    So, what does John Walsh do about this? He goes on a fucking mission to distort the truth for all of America. Oh, you don’t believe me? You think poor Mr. Walsh is a great guy who’s done a lot to help kids?
    Lie #1 from Mr. Walsh was where he went on and on about how some evil pedophile kidnapped his son, used him for his sick purposes, and then killed him. Gee, I wonder, how the fuck could John have reached such a conclusion? I mean, there was no body to test for sexual abuse and the man who was always believed to have killed Adam had no history of sexual deviance. If fact, Ottis Toole was a straight-up serial killer. He killed because he was a dumbass whackjob, not because he was a sicko pervert child molester.
    Could it be that maybe Mr. Walsh just wasn’t satisfied with having his son kidnapped and beheaded? Maybe he just figured that throwing in the dreaded “p-word” would make it sound even worse. And maybe that makes him a sensationalist media whore and a lying fuckbag! Seriously, right from the start, this asshole just made up whatever “facts” suited him! I gotta say too, that it’s pretty fucking sick. I mean, if I were in his place, I think things would look bad enough without the first thought jumping into my mind “oh man, I bet he fucked my kid too!” Jesus fucking Christ, Walsh is a damn sick bastard!

  21. I couldn’t agree with you more. I hate John Walsh. His bullshit, phony empathy makes me sick. His tragedy has been turned into a torturous excursion into vigilatism broadcast to a nation of morons all too willing to take in his crocodile tears. John Walsh is hateful, spiteful vigilante filled with all the ugliness of a killer. His son Adam’s abduction has turned him into a sick, angry, hate-filled bigot. His lurid attempts at luring the USA into his fear mongering has worked and urban centers of the USA are now frightening places to be partly as a result of shows like “America’s Most Wanted”. Unfortunately, most of America is too stupid to realize the negative effect of people like John Walsh and even defend him like poor dumb Admir DeMondo had done. Wake up America! Wake up before you turn into a nation of fearful, hate mongering half-wits.

  22. hey Fuck you Dr Liam Fucking Wilson and all you Fucking Cunts who diss John Walsh yes he’s a great man and yes he has a right to say what he wants about Cocksucker pedophiles in this world they do’nt deserve rights and there should be more people like John Walsh in this crazy world of ours what about you DOC are you a Fucking pedophile? what about the rest of you Fucking Pricks so leave John Walsh the Fuck alone

  23. yeah thats like that John bernell guy who keeps calling him self a sheriff. he aint no sheriff hasnt been for years and he sucked when he was. he is full of shit thinking he is such a Bad ass. he wouldnt stand a chance here in wa state. I have a Brother who is a real Cop in oregon. he even laughs at this shit.John walsh needs to get over it!!!!! I cant belive he is still on the air?!!! I feel bad for thr Adam But to make $$$$ off you own Dead son I DRAW THE LINE!!!

  24. It’s disgusting how John Walsh has gotten rich & famous off the tragedy that happened to his son. John Walsh a sick individual.