Banking Hours

So I decided yesterday that to make everyone happy, and relieve myself of a payment each month, I’d give myself a big paycheck from the company account and pay off my car. I looked up the branch of Scotiabank that I was pretty sure I dealt with and called. I got a “we’re not open right now” message. On a Saturday? At 11am? WTF? So I gave another branch in Abbotsford a call to find out what the heck was going on. The convo went something like this.

  • Alan: Hi thee, I’m calling about a loan I have with you. I’m not sure if it’s with this branch or not, but if you could find out and perhaps give me the payout total I can come down and give you a cheque.
  • Scotiabank: Sure, hold on one moment.
  • A: [shouldn’t they take my name first?]
  • S: [after about 3 minutes on hold] What was your name sir?
  • A: Alan. With an A. [gives out name address phone number social insurance number, shoe size and dna sample]
  • S: Hold on one moment.
  • S: [after another wait] Your loan isn’t with us, it’s with the branch on Whatever St. Unfortunately I can’t give you your loan payout amount, as we don’t have that information.
  • A: Don’t have it or won’t give it out? [I’m assuming it’s they can’t give out the information, as in this day and age what bank wouldn’t have all their information linked together?]
  • S: Can’t sir, we don’t have access to that information. You’ll have to talk to someone at the other branch.
  • A: Hmm… well, they don’t seem to be open today, which makes my life a bit more difficult.
  • S: What do you mean sir?
  • A: Well, they are only open from 10am till 5pm during the weekdays, and not at all on the weekends. That makes it a bit difficult for someone who is not near the right branch to get to them if they have a job. In fact, looking at your webpage, it looks like hardly any of the banches are open on the weekends.
  • S: We’re open on Saturdays sir.
  • A: Yes, but you’re the only one. And you don’t hae my loan.
  • S: I see. If you want you can pay your loan out here.
  • A: Yes, but you can’t tell me how much I owe.
  • S: You can give us more than you owe, we’ll send you a check back.
  • A: I’d rather not. Never mind, I’ll just go to the bank on Monday, taking time off from my job and deprive my family of meals and clothing because of the lost paid time.
  • S: We hate you sir. click

Ok, so the last bit wasn’t quite like that, and I took monday off anyway on the bosses suggestion, so it’s not a big deal, but it’s the principle of the thing. Who the hell isn’t open on Saturday? I mean, honestly, these people are expecting people to come in and do business right? Oh well, guess that’s why I’m paying them off so I can break my relationship with them forever, except for the pre-approved credit card offers and other junk mail that no doubt I’m getting because of them.