7 Comments on “More on iPod Buying”

  1. iTMS has one kickass feature that no one has keyed on (that I can see). MP3 organization. The fact you have access to a shitload of songs, even 30s can give you a good idea of the album and version of a song that you might not know well.

  2. Engel – agreed.
    Aside: Damn, I didn’t get all the music, just found another stash that I had moved elsewhere and forgot about. Oh well, back to tagging….

  3. This may turn into a daggurl post later, but let me say here that the reasons given above are the reasons I have not bought anything from the iTMS. Oh, it is slick enough, and after a little foray into its user interface I can see why people like it, but ultimately it is just giving a good face on a reprehensible and stupid practice.