Cat Dosing Day 2

Well, this morning’s cat dosing went better. The Kitten (who we are calling “Patches” unless we can find something better) takes hers grudgingly. Rex is not all bad anymore, it went better this morning than last morning I think. His ear drops aren’t bad, his anti-inflamatory pills can be crushed and hidden in food (chompchomp*chomp*), and he doesn’t horribly object to getting goop put on his eye. The anti-biotics though, are still a problem. If we can get any in him, which is hard when he’s convinced we’re trying to poison him, he smacks his chops together and the stuff foams up and dribbles out. I don’t think that’s “usual”. The vet just gives us the standard “did you try hiding it in food?” (yes) “did you try wrapping him in a blanket?” (yes). The issue isn’t getting it into him (well, not the whole issue anyway) it’s the fact that he won’t or can’t swallow it. Hopefully there’s a solution out there for this, as I know this stuff is important to him getting back on track.

Oh, and we took his cone off for a bit last night and he was very happy. He’s been used to having eye irritation so I didn’t think he’d go off and scratch too much, and was (mostly) right. It still must itch some as he did do some scraping of his head against the doorframes and whatnot, but mostly he was just really happy to have it off and vegged on the bed and purred and was back to my big black happy cat again. Will post pictures soon.

3 Comments on “Cat Dosing Day 2”

  1. The solution for the cat’s antibiotic – and neither you nor Rex is going to like this – is basically to get it as far down his throat as possible, to engage the gag reflex.
    And, of course, the only way to do that is to get the pill (on your finger) or the syringe (if liquid) right to the back of his tongue. Place one finger (middle) in between his bottom teeth to hold the mouth and tongue open, then shove the other finger (index) right back there.

  2. Darren’s right. Shove it as far back as you can, shove it in (maybe only half at a time), then close his mouth and then stroke his chin/throat area.
    but basically, you’ll still be wearing most of it lol!
    We finally told our vet, “No more fluids!” we only accept this junk in pill form or the cat don’t get it!

  3. Raskal – actually that’s what A did, went to the vet this morning and explained the problem and got them in pill form, which is much easier to put in she says. Yay her.