Windows Piss Off #3,456,870

If I install a new component to my OS, say, I donno, Windows Media Player, I really, honestly expect to get the latest and greatest. Instead, I get the latest release, and when I go to windows update (as that’s what you do for the 6 hours or so following any fresh Windows install), I don’t expect to see two new updates for a piece of software I just installed!!!!

I had even just hit the “check for updates” in Windows Media stupidly expecting it to check for updates. Of course, in my limited little brain, and “update” includes a “security update”. This is why I haven’t been hired by Microsoft yet I guess.

Would it be that hard to package the updates with the latest release? It wouldn’t be that hard to do. You could do it right now without having to change a whole bunch of infrastructure. Just create a new installer that includes

  • The latest software
  • The latest patches

and put it up instead of the current “latest software but no patches” that is on the update site now. It’s not that hard to do I’m sure. You have 55,000 people working for you, many of them very very smart people, and lots of money. Please?

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