Enhanced BIOS

BIOS: definition:

Basic Input Output System. This provides the basic instructions for a PC’s hardware, and is coded into the computer’s ROM (or Read Only Memory). The operating system (Windows 98, for instance) and applications access BIOS in order to enhance compatibility.

Basic input output system. Why the hell do you need XML and TCP/IP in your BIOS? Other than of course to suck up to Microsoft with it’s just down the road no really wait for it DRM/Freedom removing systems. While it’d be nice to see some BS removed from the OS and put into the BIOS, I don’t believe that this is the way to go. The ability to be “always-on live connection to both operating system and network services” means that my computer in it’s stupidest form (before booting into the OS) can be “always-on” and connected to the network. Why? How long until there is a boot virus that expoloits this and can’t be killed by booting the machine without being connected to the network or even booted into the OS?

Maybe the real reason that Longhorn isn’t going to be out till 2006 is to get the hardware manufactuers up to speed with producing and getting computer hardware that spys on what you are doing to market.

Trust — Devices serving as network endpoints can be integrated into to an easy to implement “trustworthy computing” model that leverages secure, digitally signed core system software. This is the critical first link in a “chain of trust.” In addition, Phoenix d-NA will incorporate a new class of Windows-advantaged components that leverage the Microsoft CryptoAPI (CAPI) to provide unprecedented trust and intrinsic security for systems running Windows and .NET applications.

These days the phrase “trustworthy computing” strikes fear into my heart. I have only really heard it from companies whose definition is more “prevent people from listening to their illegal music or movies” than anything to do with trust. When was the last time you trusted Microsoft to do anything that was in your interests. They have made it abundantly clear through their actions, evangelists and press that they are interested in increasing shareholder value.

Paranoid? Me?