No Sleep, Lots Done and Musings on Portable MP3 Players

So last night was another post-midnight bedtime (ie: a groan of despair when seeing that the little “AM” light was on on my clock when I hit the sack). However, I was proud of myself getting a fair amount done. Got my books updated, receipts organized, business bank account reconciled, bills paid (go online banking!), a bunch of papers cleared off the desk, and several CDs burnt, letting me clear off a bunch of space on various hard drives. In addition to that I managed to check out a bug reported on some of my work on the ASP project, though it turned out to be a Works For Me(tm) non-bug. Not bad for a nights work. If I do say so myself, even if it did lead to strange dreams.
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Oh, Iambe’s brother and his girlfriend came over and showed me his Rio Fuse, a 128mb mp3 player hat looks pretty nifty. It’s all solid state, so there’s nothing to abuse while running on the treadmill or working out at the gym. 128mb isn’t all that much, but he had a good point when he said that you can only listen to music at the gym for so long. One of my big wants for an mp3 player is for use at the gym, so it’d be almost perfect (hint hint). The device itself is pretty tiny (3.5

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  1. I don’t know if you’ve looked at the RIO Riot, but I’ve got one, 20Gb, only USB 1.1 :-(, its a little big, but cheap. I picked one up for $150. It also has the built in FM tuner and it works with Linux. I love mine and my buddy who bought an iPod (15Gb) for 4 times the price is pissed. iPod is still cooler, but for $150, how can you go wrong?

  2. Size is a little big. It fits in my pocket, but its a big pocket. For working out, its probably a little big, but its small enough to take snowboarding/biking and great in the car which is mainly where it stays. The USB 1.1 is a pain, but only during the initial load. It took over 14 hours to load up about 17Gb of mp3s. Now to add new albums only takes a few minutes, so the USB 1.1 is not that bad. Battery life isn’t too bad, roughly 7-8 hours of straight playing. The interface I like, and the RIO DJ is pretty good a remembering what songs/artists I like for auto creating play lists. Add the deal I got on it into the equation and its perfect for my needs.
    No idea whether the deal I got is still available. It was one of our supplier’s deals, one time sorta thing.

  3. Yea, I’m looking for something a bit smaller that will work for me in the gym or running, and solid state seems the best solution for that. In a perfect world I’d have a small one for the gym and an ipod/karma/riot/whatever for other use (car, etc).