People Without a Clue

I have to say I lost a lot of respect for Scoble today. First he made this comment:

How about Linus Torvalds? Oh, wait, Linus doesn’t have employees. Why doesn’t he have a weblog where he tells Linux developers what they are doing wrong and what they need to work on?

To which there was a great reply. Robert put up this post in which he said:


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He says that Linus speaks often on mailing lists. That’s great, but it’s not on a weblog that holds his name.

Uhmm…. so? I’ve been writing random personal stuff on a webpage since 1996 (actual before, but that’s as far as the archives go back) and that doesn’t make me an authority on anything. From what I can tell Robert has been posting since 1999. Linus has been posting to usenet since he started writing an OS since 1991, and has hundreds of thousands of developers working on writing, testing, and distributing the kernel, the OS package, and the thousands of apps for it. He doesn’t have a weblog? So what?

Robert is (as far as I can tell) paid by Microsoft to write a blog and tell us how wonderful the OS that may be coming out in several years is. Last time I checked Mr. Scoble hasn’t created the .com boom, spawned countless Linux companies, or changed the way that society thinks about software. I don’t think less of him for what he does because of that though. Same as I don’t think any less of Linus because he doesn’t have a blog. If you want to get “personal” with Linus Torvalds I suggest you check out Just for Fun, his kinda-autobiography, or I could lend you mine. It’s a good read.

Didn’t mean to get off on a rant there, but sometimes people saying stupid things just piss me off. I understand that he’s doing it because he’s on the Microsoft Koolaid and has a pretty good reality distortion field going on.