New Climbing Movie Coming Out

A trailer for Touching The Void, a book I read a while back is out. It’s by Joe Simpson and is a story of his survival on an alpine climbing expedition. He has another book called This Game of Ghosts which is also good, but seems to degenerate into “I know this guy, but he’s dead now, and I knew this guy, and he’s dead now, and I knew….” and so on. Touching the Void was an excellent book though, and the movie could not totally suck.

3 Comments on “New Climbing Movie Coming Out”

  1. “the movie could not totally suck”. Hmmm, it seems that I have heard that about other climbing movies before. It has enormous potential if they keep it anywhere close to reality (HA), but I would not rule out total suckage. A wise man once said “Don’t tempt worse. It can always be worse.”

  2. Depends on how they spin it, climbing, survival, alpine, adventurer, etc…
    Yea, cliffhanger sucked 🙂 Dont’ remembe K2 that well though. Yea, that other one from a couple of years back sucked 🙂

  3. The movie is filmed as a documentary with re-enactments so it shouldn’t suck as bad as Vertical Limit and Cliff hanger did but you never know!
    If you don’t like the name dropping game don’t read Simpson’s Dark Shadows falling, It’s awful! The trouble is you just don’t care about these people through the writing and you know you should!
    Yates’s book, against the wall is a good read though!