Another Fantastic Sunrise

It’s mornings like these that make me not mind getting up so much. Click for larger.

Both taken with my Canon A70 from the porch around 7:10. Very chilly out there in only shorts. The second pic isn’t quite as good as the first IMHO, you can see where it was stitched together. Unfortunately Canon’s PhotoStitch tool doesn’t work quite as well on panoramas taken with the camera held vertically (and not in panorama mode 🙂 I’m sure someone better with Photoshop could eleminate them though. I tried to do some color adjustment and it made it a bit better, but not perfect. Hmm….. I wonder if I put the camera in panorama mode and then completely ignored the prompts, using the mode only to keep whatever settings it uses to do that thing it does, allowing less gradiation in color. Will have to try that.

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