Phone Support Lovin’

Each day I’m reminded why I’m not doing phone support. One of our salespeople calls and as I’m the only one here, I got to take the call. I don’t mind this, it only happens once a month or so and the questions are never the hard ones. Anyway, my conversation went something like this:

  • SalesDude: “I have a client that is a middle school and they want to know how to get to the elementry or highschool site.”
  • Me: “You just need them to go to <URL>/elementary” [pronouncing the ‘/’ as “forward slash” of course]
  • SD:

2 Comments on “Phone Support Lovin’”

  1. Welcome to almost every single call I get at work.
    Huh? is a common phrase… along with “wut?” and “wait wait wait wait wait wait” after I say “Click on your Start button”