Fixing Things is a Double Edged Sword

Last night I fixed the mailing list software running on This morning I have 116 spams sitting in the “awaiting approval” page. Everything from penis enlargement spam to dvd copying spam. Yay. Is there a “discard all” option for mailman maybe?

One Comment on “Fixing Things is a Double Edged Sword”

  1. In a related thing yesterday I read an analysis of just one day of SPAM at work.
    304,242 incoming emails to the organization
    160,442 tagged as spam at the gateway and discarded
    26,273 tagged and forwarded as probable SPAM.
    61% of all email that day was SPAM.
    Ratio varies between 55-75%…
    Personally I’d tag that at 75% after spamassasin. I need to do some more work on that front.