Camera Purchase Upcoming

I think it’s about time to get off the pot. Every night I spend surfing the forums, and thinking and waiting and wondering and worrying. I think as soon as I get paid the two outstanding bills I have now I will be going in and getting off my ass and buying the *ist-D and the 18-35mm lense it is supposed to go with. I’ve read all the reviews, good and bad, and still keep coming back to it time and again. Luckily I still have until said contracts pay me to change my mind of course, but I’m sick of wondering if I should or shouldn’t.

5 Comments on “Camera Purchase Upcoming”

  1. As just another plug for McBain… they know their stuff, and have excellent support. You should have no problems, even going through their online store.

  2. I’d suggest ordering it online from McBain Camera… it looks like they’re $50 cheaper than LD, charge no PST, and offer free shipping.

  3. That’s something I’ve been thinking about… I could probably save some going to the states, even with exchange and duty, but with a major purchase like this I’d almost rather spend a bit more and have someplace local that knows their stuff and are competant to go to and bitch if something goes wrong, etc. I have no desire to try to deal with an online reseller if I have to send it back, or get warranty work, or whatever. Guess it depends on the cost difference though, if it’s enough…..

  4. Hi. You don’t know me 🙂 I just followed a link from Dana’s website.
    Have you considered buying the Nikon D70? I’m saving up for one myself, and if you go by reviews (Like you can’t really go wrong with it 🙂
    Ofcourse if you have another Canon SLR and want to use your lenses, ignore me.

  5. Check out 47th street photo in NYC. It’s where I buy all my camera equipment online and off and they have good support. The web site is The only draw back is they are closed Sat.
    When you get one you will have to come to the east coast with it so I can try it out….I am trying to justify the cost to get one….