Linux Northwest For Me

On Saturday, at the start of a very busy weekend, which ended with running 10km, I headed down to bellingham to the Linux Northwest linux show. Not horribly bad, a bit of driving that day though.

  • to poco to pick up Yohimbe
  • through the truck crossing down to the show
  • back up, missed the truck crossing and had to go through Peace Arch, which meant going through Richmond
  • up to poco again
  • back to Abby to pick up my stuff
  • back to Burnaby to crash at MapleLeaf’s place

But aside from the driving the show was OK. Lots of talks I never went to, but we did go into one on XML web services which was quite interesting. <Neo>I know WSDL!</Neo> The vendors were pretty much the same as last year as well, a combination of the half price book vendors, booths which really seemed to be there just to show off a piece of cool hardware (nifty plexy cases), the tiny companies which were basically a person or two who said “lets make money with linux!”, and the big(ger) companies which looked a bit out of place.

We met up with Kelora and Whitenight and a couple of other folks (including my evil twin brother from Seattle) and hung out and chatted about Linux, politics, security, and just about everything in between. Oh, and cameras as well (go figure 🙂