Open House at Work

Apparently we had an open house at work today. I had to leave at the normal time to pick up some film I had developed (scans of anything decent Real Soon Now), so I only got a little bit of the joy. Unfortunately most of the joy of this occurance was head honchos deciding that since I was the only one in the Technology Solutions office, it was open for taking cell phone calls, quick and dirty stand up meetings, or just wandering in, looking around, and then walking out. Luckily most of what I’ve been working on today is small and not hugely complex (fighting fires here and there, getting things going as people finally get me info for a project that was started… well, a month ago. Oh, and my favorite art guy in the world instant messaging me with “Hello” a few times (meaning “I have more work for you”).

The open house also means that all the regional leaders and whatnot were here instead of our other offices, making things nice and noisy. Luckily, my music collection goes up to 11.

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