Sunrun Time

Mom just called to let me know that my run yesterday in the Sunrun (results posted online tomorrow) was 68 minutes, with a placing of 18,495. Not quite as good as last year but none to shabby if I do say so myself, especially with no training and coming off a weeklong cold. Watching the hockey game until midnight the night before (‘nucks in 7! ‘nucks in 7!) didn’t help either. That’s my excuse anyway.

3 Comments on “Sunrun Time”

  1. well done dude, I sit here on my couch and hoist my beer in your general direction, this is pretty much where I’ve been all week šŸ™‚

  2. Pretty good Arc. Not much slower than last year and you just stayed inside the “white” catagory you were signuped in.
    Nicole & I were way back at 96 and 100 šŸ™ Hopefully next year I can do some training before and run it rather than walk. No idea where the placing was, except we were withing the final 3000 people šŸ™
    PS, the annoying people were at my wife’s work. Fastest woman was 40 minutes I believe and the fastest guy was 50.