Windows Services for Unix Download

For whatever reason I was going to download Windows Services for UNIX 3.5 to see if the ability to mount remote NFS shares sucked less than the last time I tried. Why does it want me to register? More to the point, why does it make me login to passport, then register? I know they want to ask information about why I’m interested in UNIX (freak! freak!), but why make me login to passport first? And if they were using passport to get personal information (name, email, address, location), why ask it again in the registration form? Guess my info just went into the “send him the anti-linux marketing info” database. Too bad I’ll never get it, it’d be amusing. Maybe one of these days I’ll give them my real address.

It’s interesting to note that Firefox recognizes the SSL certificate as invalid (or self-registered anyway) while IE doesn’t. Extra built in secret Microsoft certs no doubt.

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