Hand Me a Fork

You know I must have some free evening time if I’m bitching about vbscript again. I’d forgotten how horrible it is, honestly. Read for more bitching.

You can’t declare a variable and set it at the same time:


my $foo = $q->params("bar");

VBScript Spawn of the Devil “Language”

Dim Foo

Foo = Request("Bar")

No multi-line strings (I’ve bitched about this before, but when entering in huge ass SQL queries, it gets to you):


$sql = "select foo

from bar

where baz = 123

group by qux;"


$sql = <<END;

select foo

from bar

where baz = 123

group by qux;


… plus a few other ways to do it of course…

VBScript Horror to All that Use it

SQL = “select foo ”

SQL = SQL & “from bar “

SQL = SQL & “where baz = 123”

SQL = SQL & “group by qux”

Or this, not much better….

SQL = “select foo ”

“from bar ” &

“where baz = 123” &

“group by qux” &_

I don’t know how people use this without jamming a fork in their eye after a couple of hours, honestly.


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