Dangers of Photography in the Land of the Free

Every once and a while I read something or find a link to something that really, really pisses me off. Every day I’m exposed through various websites and TV shows to politics from my neighbors to the south, the good old US of A, land of the free and home of the brave. They’re talking (again) about new terror threats from Al
Aaida, the two presidential candidates are going after one another, etc etc. Amidst all of this a citizen can be harassed by the authoraties, you know, those folks who are supposed to keep us safe and feeling secure, for no reason at all.

Actually let me re-iterate, those folks who are keeping us white folks feeling safe and secure. Apparently if you’re not white you could be a terrorist, and therefor you’re subject to all the harassment that the law feels they need to give you to keep people safe from you and your terrorist activities. You know, like taking pictures of public landmarks.

Anyway, have a read of The Artist’s Statement from the website Brown = Terrorist, a disturbing story of the several encounters of a photography student and security, police and homeland security. The author in question, Ian Spears, regardless of his lifelong residence in Seattle and his 10 year residence in the area where his horrible and nation-threatening activities took place is of course not white, and therefor looks like a terrorist.

Land of the free my ass. I know that most americans aren’t crazy and nuts, just your administration and government policies.

Man people piss me off sometimes.

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