Goodbye Dust

Did my first sensor cleaning this evening after getting back from a hectic evening. I was out taking some (more) moon pics when I noticed that in a couple there was a big spot on the image. I checked the lens and saw it wasn’t anything visible there, but it was pretty dark so I couldn’t be sure. Got home and took a couple of snaps of white walls and lo and behold there’s a big ugly spot.

I have avoided cleaning so far as it is a pretty scary prospect. I live in a horribly dusty house to start with, some people use special swabs and wipes and formulas and whatnot. Luckily when I put my camera into “cleaning mode” which locks the mirror up indefinately I could see a big spot right there on the CCD. Couple of puffs with the blower brush (sans brush end) and they were gone, turn off, more snaps of wall and spot gone. I’m sure eventually I’ll have to actually break down and do it “properly” but until then this worked nicely and I’m happy again.