Weekend Cleaning Funtime

Why is it that on weekends I spend more time cleaning than I do any other time? Aren’t weekends for having fun and not being at home? This being a grown-up thing sucks! I want the time when weekend cleaning meant that mom got me to clean a bathroom before I escaped out to play back please.

On the other hand, the house is now livable. I was pretty impressed with myself… know how you have things just sort of sitting around the house waiting for something to happen with them? Well, you probably don’t but I do. Anyway, I actually did something with them! Got rid of a garbage bag full of recyclables (whohohoo! made a whole $5!), brought back a cooler (BTW Dad, if the one you were talking about was the one with the flip over lid that’s a smaller size I do have it) to a buddy of mine, brought back a table leaf for a table we no longer have, took back the big chunk of wood that the old fridge was resting on, did laundry, dishes, swept, cleaned… I was a wild man! Especially in the heat of the day…. I figured if I was going to be home and sweating I may as well be doing something at the time.

Firefly’s been over at her moms all weekend working on clothing for the SCA Clinton event. I think that the cats are either holding on to the hope that they’re one human naked monkey closer to having the house to themselves, or are sad and wondering where the good chin scritcher has gone to. Anyway, she’s sewing up cloaks for myself and Cat5, and has been working with her mom to get them all set up. Mine is blue and Cat5’s is some sort of expensive black material with a very soft fake fur lining. He should have no problem finding company under it if the night’s are cold.

Did a shopping run today as well with the aformentioned Cat5. Got some Wal-Mart socks as mine have been running out but I think I might have gotten the wrong kind (didn’t know that was possible). They’re longer than I’m used to, but we’ll see. Our main purpose was succesful though, we got a big mesh tent for shade, and hit Cost-Co for camping supplies (and lunch thanks to the many offerings of food in the isles). We picked up bars and trail-mix type stuff, as we all sort of agreed that lugging a camp stove, cold storage for food, plates bowles and all the assorted stuff was a PITA, especially if we’re trying to fit it into a single car, along with three people. Firefly made nasty faces when I told her what we got though, and her and her mom kept on saying “but where’s the food?!” so we’ll see how much our dinner plans change.

I also looked at DVD burners there. Didn’t get one, but I’m thinking more about it and how I’d really hate to lose some of the data I have (pictures, music, etc). Backing up to CD is fine for most stuff, but with 30G of pictures, that’s a lot of CDs, I’d much rather back up to 6 (or so) DVDs. Couple of paychecks down the road I think.

Now it’s late (again) and I don’t have the excuse of having had too much indian food to go to bed like I did last night (we all headed to the GM in Maple Ridge), and with the two window fans, two floor fans and A/C unit running all day the house is bearably cool. Well, not unbearably hot anyway. Man I can’t wait till I have a house with a basement!