House Destruction Day 1

Finally got some pics up from the first day (yesterday) of house demoliton renovations. Click below for pics….

I came in around 4 or so and the first thing I noticed was the bedroom area had changed just a bit… walls that were there the day before suddenly were all gone:

Not long after I got there AndreaBro started bashing out the old style wall around the kitchen.

About 30 minutes later by my guess, this was all that was left of the wall:

The fireplace has a crack in the back of the firewall, which is dangerous, so it’s being replaced by a nook for books/cds/dvds. This is how it was when I got there:

And when we left….

Didn’t get anything done today, because the trailer for garbage didn’t arrive but tomorrow it’ll be cleaning out the garbage and probably painting the bathroom, and getting at least that one (important) room “ready”. I’ll also have to get a list of stuff that needs to be done because thinking back now I could have done bunch of little things like re-wiring the socket in the basement with it’s polarity reversed, and that sort of little thing. Ah well, time for that tomorrow.

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