Lots of Work Done and To Do

Well, house stuff continues. Yesterday I moved (literally) a ton of stuff. Over 2000 pounds of flooring from the trailer up to the house as Firefly and FireflyMom were starting to get ready to lay flooring. I felt very manly. Saturday we had a bunch of folks over, including Sean and Cat5, and my folks came by providing a tasty meal to folks who were very tired of pub food and fast food.

The house itself is slowly getting there. Drywalling is mostly done, and we’re still waiting for the guys to come and do the ceiling (more people who owe FireflyBro favors). They were supposed to be there Saturday, then Sunday, and now I’ve given up trying to figure out when they’re coming. The taping, mudding and sanding of the drywall is being worked on, and the major holes in the ceiling and walls are closed off, except at the top of the kitchen ceiling where the old style box dropdowns used to be. I was able to do a few chunks of drywall completely myself, and felt very proud (and manly) because of it.

Today I’ve got a couple of things to do running around, haircut and find some good work-type pants, very exciting stuff I know. At noon a guy from ADT alarms is coming by to see if we can use the old alarm system with them, and if so how much it’ll cost. Of course, having cats means that motion sensors aren’t as good, and that I’d have to have “extras” like glassbreak detection instead. I thought that alarm installation was free as well, these guys are talking $80/h to run any new wires, and 150 to put in a control pad (if they can’t take over the old companies pad).

Not sure if I even need an alarm system, right now my budget is (to say the least) limited, so even if they an put it in and give me a good price I’ll probably put it off a few months until things are a bit more stable.

3 Comments on “Lots of Work Done and To Do”

  1. Don’t worry about the extras, just get the basics done first. Most breakins happen at the back door.
    You can always get the extras put in later.

  2. Isn’t doing your first wall of dry wall in your own house yourself great. I remember doing mine. Then standing back ad saying “YEA”, and then my uncle coming up behind me and saying “missed a spot.” 🙂