More House Progress

Well, it’s getting closer. Been working our butts off lately, and have had much help from the inlaws obviously as well as my buddies Cat5 and Sean who have come to do manual labor and Cat5 has put it upon himself (at my request of course) to wire the entire house with phone, network and cablevision. The pics below are a few days old now, and things have gone to a bit more cleaned up state, with drywall 99% done upstairs, and lots of other changes. In theory we’ll start painting early next week.

The kitchen, which was dirty, went to clean for a while and then back to dirty as we ripped out cabinets

The second bedroom is also getting there, see the finished drywall and new electrical wiring. A cat5/rj11 (phone)/coax jack will be put in below it.

One thing we’ll do eventually is put up a deck, but since the inside is stripped anyway, why not cut out the hole and put the door in now? Here’s FireflyBro cutting and bashing to create the start of a hole (which remains half a hole as we need some 2×10’s or 2x8s or 2x6s to replace the support the current window setup is giving. Or something like that.

Cat5’s been wiring up a storm, here are some of the fruits of his labor. Sadly the pic of him looking triumphant didn’t turn out 🙁 Will make sure I focus properly when you come to finish the last runs in the basement though!

Relating to other crap going on in my life, things are looking up. Nothing solid to say yet, but look good. We’ll see in a few days 🙂

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