New Case for Naked

Oh, almost forgot. Finally got my new case and power supply for this server last Thursday. I got an Antec P160 (google search) and an Antec Truepower 550. The main reasoning behind this is that WhiteKnight and Kelora got this one and it has room for 10 drive bays. The funky LED temperature readout and blue LEDs don’t hurt either 🙂

I have to say that I now know why people pay extra for good power supplies and cases. The case is a beauty to work with (for the cost it’d better be!). The thing is designed with quiet in mind, rubber feet for the hard drive bays, plastic drive mounts, a larger (and therefor lower RPM and therefor quieter) 120mm fan in the back, drive management stuff and nice rounded edges. It was the little things, like having a plug that lets you disconnect the front panel wires so that when you take off the front panel you can take it all the way off, not have it still connected by a wack of wires as you try to keep it out of the way. The power supply was nice too, not only able to power all the drives I can stick in the thing, but it came with two built in SATA power cables, and lots of four pin connectors, with a wire of “fan only” two wire connectors. Fun fun. I’ll post pics when I figure out why Gallery is not creating thumbnails 🙂

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