The Other Joy of Comment Spam

One of the blogs I host, Dana’s Security Blog, is very very popular with the comment spammers tonight. Alone his blog got 6004 attempts to post blog comment spam, a big problem for folks using many of the blogging tools out there that allow people to comment such as MovableType. Doesn’t look like they managed to post anything (his comments are turned off for old posts, and the spamming slimeball asshole idiot fucktard bastards seemed to just go numerically through entry IDs, trying to post approximately 100 spam entries per post. I’ve gotten three or four alerts from Big Brother warning me that CPU on UFies was high thanks to these guys hitting the CGIs. So even if they aren’t posting their crap to the web, they are still having an effect. Why is it again that every good thing is ruined by those trying to exploit it for money? Oh right, because the human race is full of thoughtless bastards who deserve to be strangled with their own entrails and slowly eaten alive by wolves, bears, and the sarlac.

The funny thing is the company whose IPs the spammers were posting from has a webpage (which I won’t link) with “free internet accelarator and email virus scanning”. Yea, I believe that.

Might be time to start looking at integrating a tarpit with mt-blacklist. somehow.

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