Playing with Gallery2

Scoobyd mentioned she was playing around with Gallery2, which I didn’t even know existed. Gallery1 is a pretty decent way of having a photo album on your site, but isn’t really geared towards Photoblogs, but more random images, or images submitted by people (and it look(ed|s) like it might be growing into a monstrosity like PHP-Nuke did). Anyway, Gallery 1 wasn’t bad, but the install was possibly the most complicated simple install I’ve ever seen. 900 screens of stuff that looked horribly complex, but really you just hit “save” or “next” or “next tab” or “next page” or whatever it was.
Anyway, looks like they’ve done a lot of work on it. I downloaded and installed it quickly, installed, and was impressed.

  • Database (mysql, postgresql) driven, so scalable to the Nth degree
  • New clean look and feel (though it needs more themes)
  • The slickest install I think I’ve ever seen, really, top rate
  • Inclusion of some nice tools such as the Java Upload applet and a panorama viewer applet (full size images only)
  • Much nicer laid out configuration and administration setup
  • Modules so you can include or exclude options, such as users, voting, random image blocks, etc.

I’ve put up an import of my original gallery up here to check out the look and feel. However, I haven’t seen any huge problems with it, and while they are recommending caution (it’s at alpha-4 stage), I’d say give it a shot and see how you like it.

One Comment on “Playing with Gallery2”

  1. I setup TikiWiki for some largerish company’s Intranet a while ago, and was quite impressed with it. Supports content management, Wiki, Forums, Polls, Image Galleries, Blog, custom modules, granular ACLs, etc… but yet the code is really clean, code is seperate from html, etc. Works with MySQL or PostgreSQL too. Has lots of templates. Easy to install (just http://server/tikiwiki/setup.php, then delete setup.php when done). Might be worth looking at 🙂
    While customizing it, I ended up getting the hang of the Smarty template engine for PHP. Now I don’t know what’s better to use… Embperl or PHP/Smarty? Embperl is my old favorite, but it’s so old now.