This is Why I Hate Support

I’d forgotten why I don’t like doing support. I have to deal with things like this:

[company]just called and they can’t get into the admin section. They saythey keep getting a bug or line error.
Please take a look at it today when you have a minute and advise..

This came from my contact at a company I work with on consulting projects about a site that was done last year, a site which I haven’t been on in about 4 months I might add. So I helpfully logged into the admin section (there are two or so, so I went to the one called “admin”). My reply:

Works for me.

A few hours later I get:

She says after she logs on, she gets a runtime error line 46 object expected anytime she tries to do anything like click on a menu.

I ranted back with a list of “what makes a good bug report”, and that I couldn’t possibly determine what was wrong with the system which such little information. Five minutes later:

All works now!

Happy to help……

Now if only I could fix my actual work issues that easily….