JFS and EVMS for Massive Server Storage

Ah ha! Looks like I finally found the article I was looking for…. Kernel Korner – ATA Over Ethernet: Putting Hard Drives on the LAN isn’t directly about what I was asking about earlier, however it’s the one I was thinking of. The article details setting up the LVM, RAID 10 and JFS to allow infinitely expandable filesystems. In the articles case they are using a blade server and ATA over Ethernet, and I’m looking for something using standard IDE and/or SATA drives for a home server, however, the info and principles are the same. Still looking for the fabled “perfect” EVMS tutorial or howto though.

One Comment on “JFS and EVMS for Massive Server Storage”

  1. I’m in a similiar situation, trying to work with many drives of varying sizes on a file server. Your posts motivated me to get on this. This article http://www.faqs.org/docs/evms/index.html seems to be working for me.
    Definately takes a bit of reading, but I kinda walked through it to end up with a volume in a region in a container on a segment upside down in a truck going to town. With reiserfs, this should be both shrunk (hafta be unmounted) or expanded (can be done online!) by adding additional disks. The shrinking bit sounds neat as well, makes it possible to finally give up that 20gig drive when you really need another IDE spot 🙂