Russell and Switching

So Russell Beattie says he might switch back from Mac to Windows. This is of course his right, and he choice to invite the wall of internet flames that has no doubt already engulfed him since Scoble linked to him, I have a few responses to some of the points in his 33 point list though. Note that my frame of reference is from about a year ago when I had a G4 Powerbook (oh how I miss thee….)

  • #1 – I actually have found that windows xp and macos are about the same stability wise.
  • #3 – Agreed, this is why I have a game computer (my windows box)
  • #6 – Agree with you on the replace-not-merge, I like the finder however
  • #15 – I have a widescreen Dell laptop and find the same thing. Nice to have a wide screen to put multiple coding windows in though.
  • #17 – If I remember right, the procedure is more often like this: Click on dmg link, wait, finder opens up mounted dmg window, drag app to applications folder, umount dmg, delete dmg. One step less than the windows: Click on download link, choose save or run, double click on installer or click ‘yes I know it’s dangerous but run it anyway dammit’ button, next, next, next, next, no don’t reboot, finish, delete old .exe (or search for it in some archane temporary file location and deleted it).
  • #19 – Uhmm… so are you complaining that the mac has software you don’t want to use or that buying a DVD burner costs money if you were to want to buy one?
  • #20 – Agreed, and you can also buy the same external drives, mice and webcams that you can for your PC at the same price. It’s like saying that you bought a BMW and dammit the BMW floormats cost more than the plastic ones from CostCo.
  • #21 – *BSD/Darwin isn’t a lot different than Linux, if you can’t figure out what’s running then I’d say you don’t know linux very well.
  • #22 – I found Expose fine and could recognize windows easily without having “read” each one. YMMV of course.
  • #23,26 – Dock apps respond to a pretty well set up set of rules, you just need to know when which rule applies, same withe program windows.
  • #27 – I’d take spotlight over the POS that windows calls a search tool (the built in one, not the one you get from google.
  • #30 – I found the opposite, maybe depends on the level of model you get on either side.
  • #31 – Never had a problem here.
  • #33 – What does F11 do again?

Tell you what, I’ll take your mac off your hands for cheap 🙂

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