Where Did Steve Fonyo Go?

A link for my buddy Brad, who was wondering the other day Whatever Happened To… Steve Fonyo. Sounds like he’s on a bit of a roller coaster, though he lives just down the road from me (well, figuratively speaking…. more like just down the road from Dana).

3 Comments on “Where Did Steve Fonyo Go?”

  1. Yeah it’s really too bad, I mean he kind of finished what Terry started, but just because he didn’t DIE people kind of wrote him off and paid little attention to him. Just goes to show how a little martyrdom goes a long way.

  2. I would just like to take a minute to put my two cents in as someone that knows Steve better than anyone eles. Steve and I were about to get married he gave me a beautiful diamond ring and asked me to marry him.
    Well from there things got worse. He went to jail for assulting me and then once released he kept breaching his conditions and was caught another three times for breaking the no contact order between himself and me. The judge got fed up and sentenced Steve to 60 days. Steve managed to cut a deal with crown and they agreed that Steve could do his 60 days on weekands. Well he did in total 4 days and refused to go anymore. He made excuses for every weekand and managed to get out of a bunch before they had heard enough of his excuses and put a warrant out for his arrest. As well as Steve having to deal with these 60 days he has also missed a court date for another driving while prohibited and a warrant is out for his arrest for this also. I think Steve has used up all the good karma that he had for a life time because it’s going to kick him in the A#*&!~ this time. I think it will be good for him to spend sometime in jail because he needs to grow up and become and man and take responsibily for his own actions. I’m not saying Steve’s a bad guy I just think it’s finally become time to stop using his fame to get him ahead and deal with things like the rest of us. Me and Steve still are together but alot has to change before we can move on. One major thing is Steve is going to have to start thinking alittle more about people and not only himself.

  3. Hi to just up-date everyone
    It is Jan 13/10 and Steve is presently serving a 60 Day sentence in a Maple Ridge Correction Facility and not doing very well. Before he was taken out to Maple Ridge one in-mate beat the living hell out of him. He came into his cell and covered Steve’s face with a towel and sat on his chest and proceed to cave Steve’s face in. They shut down the whole jail and put this guy in the hole but Steve had to taken to medic’s and taken care of. This guy smashed his glasses which in turn cut up his face pretty good, he had blood flowing like water from his nose and his idot even had a fork and was trying to stab Steve so he has piles of little holes in his arm from defending himself. Before this was over the guards at the jail asked if Steve wanted the RCMP to be involved this would included laying charges on this guy and they even suggested charges of “Attempted Murder” be applied. They transfered Steve to another unit and told him that Warden and other officals would be seeing him in the morning.
    Well before Steve could even open his swollen eyes in the morning they transfered him out. Apparently now there is no record of this happening. They have swept it under the carpet and Steve still sits in jail buised and beaten without any glasses to see with and he’s not doing very well at all.
    I believe that this has to do with the cost of the ordinary person being able to get legal aid. Steve has not been accepted because his charges aren’t serious enough. So pleae people if you ever get told you have the right to a law and if you can not afford one one will be appoint to you. THAT’S CRAP
    nOW the jails are way too over crowed because a whole lot of people don’t have lawyer to help them argue their cases and people are getting hurt. If anyone can help Steve with legal stuff please contact me or him in the Maple Ridge corrections facility ASAP he really needs help.
    Lisa greenwood stickersinc07@hotmail.com