Free VOIP Unit From Staples?

This is interesting… This page describes how to turn a Linksys Vonage PAP2 unit from something that requires a pay service to a free system by hacking some files. Even better, Staples has a $65 rebate for this $65 unit (or 50/50 if your in USD).

I honestly don’t know enough about this stuff to know exactly what this is all about, however it looked pretty interesting and something I might investigate further. I guess basically it’s a way to get a) free hardware that turns a regular phone into a VOIP phone, and b) get VOIP service through something other than the pay-for service sold with the unit. I think. Can someone enlighten me on this stuff? Is this something worth looking into?

Either way, it’s hardware for free (with a bit of a wait to get your money back). Maybe I’ll stop by staples and check out what the catch is.