First Snow of 2005

First Snow of 2005

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Last night I was told by a couple of people that we were getting snow… since my spidey senses didn’t detect incoming snow, I scoffed. However, come the evening, lo and behold a few dots of white were falling. Not more than a sprinkling, hardly enough to get my windshield even wet even. This morning, well, snow, snow and more snow.

The tracks on the driveway after leaving home look like some sort of snakes and ladders game as I skidded up the driveway trying to get traction, and the roads up to the major ones anyway, were nice and slippery. ScoobyD says it’s supposed to freeze tonight as well, whohooo!

I took a crappy camera phone pic of a really indistict road by work to show off what it looks like, though honestly this is more a test of a) flickr, b) it’s blog post function and c) it’s phone upload feature. All seem to (so far) work pretty well. Now just to get a better picture…

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