In Which I Learn to Play “Crib”

Sunday was a relatively busy day, as days in my life go. Me and my buddy Shawn went out to my aunt and uncle’s place in Vancouver in a big black borrowed truck (Firefly’s) to pick up a fridge and stove that were up for grabs. Other than a long drive in and out, it went pretty quickly. The timing actually worked out perfectly, as we had enough time to get back, unload the stove and fridge, take the truck back, pick up beer (Grey Cup and all) and get back in time to get settled in before the game started.

After watching the grey cup we decided to do something more social than watching TV, that is, playing card games. For some unknown reason they chose Crib. First of all, I won. Kicked ass, skunked them, whatever the term is, mostly due to a 16 point hand in the early stages. Of course, I have no idea how I got 16 points out of it. I have been taught crib about 3 times in my life, and have played 3 times, and at no time have I believed that the rules weren’t being made up as we were playing. The counting to 15, the counting to 21, two of a kind, three of a kind, runs, if the jack is the same suit as the one on the pile, if the moon is full and the person to your left has a name starting with the same letter as your mothers maiden name….. just crazy.

I think after a while I was just throwing random cards out and seeing what happened and then putting cards down and asking other people to count for me. Oh well, now I have another 10 years before I play again so I have time to forget everything I did learn.

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