Playing with

As you’ve probably noticed by the random links posted, I’m playing with, a “social bookmarking” tool that’s been out a while, but that I’ve only really grokked the whole point of this recently, so pardon me if I go a bit nuts on it. One of the best short term advantages I get is that I don’t have to email myself interesting links from work, just click the “post to…” bookmark I have set up 🙂 I’ll clean things up so it’s a bit nicer this weekend, put the links into a sidebar or something like that.

3 Comments on “Playing with”

  1. OT but extra to my last mail; thanks again and yes please to a link.
    Your photog’s vest is still here, but today is not an outside one!

  2. Since you have just discovered online social bookmarking, I thought you might like to check out It also makes it super easy to add links to the side of your blog (just click on the RSS button on BlinkList). By the way, you can just import your links from If you find the time to check out our new site, I would love to hear your thoughts. Mike