A Good WW1 Flying Movie?

I’ve always loved WWI planes and related, WWI flying movies such as The Blue Max…. looks like they are seeing if they can do it again with this age’s advanced CGI… I saw a trailer for a new movie called Flyboys, based on a true story (well, technically “inspired by a true story” which means that they really can pull a plot out of their asses if they want….) about Americans fighting for France in WWI. This looks like it has the potential to be good. Being able to do insane flying stunts without endangering pilots, re-creating all the great planes that were around almost 100 years ago….. just awesome potential.

That said, the trailer looks like it’s got a mix of Pearl Harbor in it, with some silly love story mixed in…. also there’s definately something lost when it’s all CG flying. According to the trivia for The Blue Max not only were they real planes, at some points the actual actors were flying them… they even did a “flying under a bridge” stunt over 20 times… in a WW1 plane….. lets see any holywood actor do that these days.

Guess I’ll get to see when it comes out in September.